Joe Lamb Management Staff

Meet our Management Staff!

At Joe Lamb Jr & Associates, our management team consists of experienced professionals who are dedicated to providing excellent service to both our owners and guests. You can find their contact information below for easy access.

Dan Hardy - General Manager

Dan Hardy- General Manager / President

Dan has been with Joe Lamb Jr. & Associates for 28 years. He has acquired extensive knowledge and experience in the vacation rental and property management industry during this time. His deep understanding of the industry and its unique challenges has been a valuable asset to the company and its success. He brings balance and dedication to his role as General Manager & President, where he is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the company's day-to-day operations. One of Dan's primary responsibilities is ensuring that the properties managed by the company are well-maintained and meet the needs of both guests and property owners. He understands that providing high-quality services to both guests and owners is crucial to the company's success. As such, Dan is committed to providing top-notch services and experiences that exceed expectations. Dan's management style is characterized by a strong focus on communication, transparency, and collaboration. He is highly skilled at building and maintaining relationships with guests and property owners. He uses these relationships to ensure that their needs are met, and their expectations are exceeded.


Kim Dubec - Operations Manager
Kim Dubec – Assistant General Manager / Operations Manager

Kim Dubec is a highly experienced realtor who has been licensed since 2004. She has successfully worked 22 years at Joe Lamb Jr & Associates, working her way up from the reservations, long-term rentals, accounting, and cleaning departments to her current role as Assistant General Manager & Operations Manager. Kim originally arrived to the Outer Banks in 1998 as an Activities Intern for the Corolla Light Community Association, making her a well-established figure in the local community. She also graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill with a degree in psychology, which has helped her to develop excellent negotiation and mediation skills. Prior to joining Joe Lamb Jr., she worked as an Account Manager for an international import and export logistics firm in Charlotte, NC. Kim enjoys meeting new people, hearing their stories and is passionate about solving their problems. She believes in building trust with guests and homeowners alike, treating their issues carefully, and understanding them to find the best possible solutions. These skills help her to also maintain strong relationships with homeowners, keeping them updated with policies and procedures, as well as explaining our day-to-day operations. She manages our accounting department to ensure our guest's deposits and payables are done timely and accurately; monthly owner deposits are still one of her top priorities. As all of our management team, she is fully committed to providing the best customer service possible and exceeding expectations every day.


Joseph T. Lamb IV = Assistant Operations Manager

Joseph T. Lamb IV (Joey) - Assistant Operations Manager / Owner & Guest Services

Born and raised on the Outer Banks, Joey has been with the company at least part-time for much of his life. He joined full-time about ten years ago and was licensed in 2017. With experience in every department of the business and a lifetime of local knowledge, he has built a broad expertise critical in overseeing operations. As an Owner and Guest Services Manager, Joey fulfills various requests both in the office and field.


Susan Pruitt - Assistant Operations Manager

Susan Pruitt - Assistant Operations Manager / Reservations


Alan Willis - Owner

Alan Willis- Owner & Guest Services Manager

Alan, an experienced Owner & Guest Services Manager, is a valuable member of Joe Lamb team. Living in the Outer Banks since 2014, Alan's local knowledge is a valuable asset to the company. Over the years, he has developed a diverse skill set that includes maintenance, reservations, and real estate. Before joining Joe Lamb, Alan had a background in school counseling, which has helped him to build strong relationships with guests, property owners, and vendors. Alan is known for being approachable, responsive, and taking the time to listen to the needs and concerns of those he works with.


Patrick Lamb - Services Manager

Patrick Lamb- Services Manager

Patrick is a dedicated Services Manager who has been a valuable member of the Joe Lamb Jr. & Associates team for more than 10 years. During this time, he has thrived in multiple positions within the company which has allowed him to obtain a broad knowledge of property management. In his current role, Patrick applies his expertise to ensure all properties are maintained at the highest level. Patrick oversees the maintenance, cleaning, and inspection of all properties to deliver the best guest and owner experience possible. Patrick also works closely with tenants and property owners to address their needs and concerns, while managing vendor relationships to ensure a timely delivery of services.


Zee Lamb - CEO

Zee Lamb- CEO & Chairman

Zee Lamb has a diverse law, public policy, and leadership background. He has held various professional and leadership roles throughout his career. Lamb served over 20 years as a County Manager in three North Carolina Counties. In State Government, he previously held positions as General Counsel and Legislative Liaison for the State Board of Elections, and Legal Counsel and Senior Policy Advisor for the Office of Lt. Governor. Lamb held elected office as a Pasquotank County Commissioner from 1988-1997. In January 2022, after his retirement from government service, he became the Chairman, Board of Directors, and CEO for Joe Lamb, Jr. & Associates and Joe Lamb Realty in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. A licensed real estate Broker since 1979, Lamb is excited about joining the family business started by his parents in 1968.