OBX Beach Buggies

The Beach Buggies are low speed vehicles (LSV's) which are street legal and are meant to be driven on roads with speed limits less than or equal to 35 MPH. Beach Buggies can be parked wherever street legal parking is allowed. Since they are street legal, the Beach Buggies have seat belts, head lights, tail lights, turn signals, horn, windshield, reverse sound indicator, speedometer, and odometer.

Whether you are making your way to or from the beach with all of your most necessary beach supplies, bringing home groceries for the family, or just going for a twilight cruise, the Beach Buggie is the vehicle of choice. With their sporty wheels and paint jobs, these low speed vehicles are the fun and convenient way to get around the beach that are a constant reminder that you're on vacation! 


All guests renting a Beach Buggie are asked to sign the Low Speed Vehicle Agreement.

For more information about low speed vehicles, please visit obxbeachbuggies.com.