Beach Nourishment 2017

Beach Nourishment  - We are getting "More Beach to Love" 

The Towns of Duck, Kitty Hawk and Kill Devil Hills are planning a Beach Nourishment project scheduled for 2017. The project as proposed will nourish approximately 2 miles of beach in Duck, all of Kitty Hawk and the northernmost 2.7 miles of beach in Kill Devil Hills. The Beach Nourishment project will include pumping sand from the ocean floor onto the beach to build up eroded areas.  That will help to create a wider beach area to protect and enhance our shoreline. The beaches will remain open during this time but access to certain areas will be restricted during the actual construction phase.

At this time the exact details of the nourishment project are not known as the project has not begun.  We do know when it is projected to begin, where it will begin and how long it may take.  See the schedule below. 

The County has created a website called More Beach to Love so you can stay informed. 

Please visit the local town websites for the most updated information on work schedules and impact zones.

Dare County Beach Nourishment Updates

Town of Duck Beach Nourishment Updates

Town of Kitty Hawk Beach Nourishment Updates

Town of Kill Devil Hills Beach Nourishment Updates


Anticipated Project Schedule Provided by Great Lakes Dredge and Dock Company -Prior to construction (about one month prior) we will see the mobilization operations, including laying subline and assembling land-based machinery begin.  

The dredge currently proposed by the contractor to construct the Duck project, The Liberty Island, is currently in the shipyard of GLDD undergoing maintenance.  Once it leaves the shipyard, it is scheduled to complete work on another project and then mobilize for the Town of Duck Beach Nourishment Project.  A second dredge, the larger Ellis Island, is scheduled to mobilize for the Town of Kitty Hawk Project in mid-June.  The Liberty Island will work jointly with the Ellis Island once it completes work in Duck.  

This information is not binding and is meant to provide estimated construction times for planning purposes. Beach nourishment start dates and completion dates are subject to change.     

Town of Duck - projected duration is 60 days

Start Date: Mid to Late May 2017

End Date: Mid to Late July, 2017


Town of Kitty Hawk - projected duration is 60 days

Start Date: Mid-June , 2017

End Date: Mid -August 20, 2017

Town of Kill Devil Hills - projected duration 35 to 45 days

Start Date: Early August, 2017

End Date: Early to Mid Sept, 2017


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