The Joe and Ann Lamb Scholarship

Joe Lamb Jr. and his wife Ann have endowed a need-based scholarship at UNC Chapel Hill. 

The Joe and Ann Lamb Scholarship is awarded to Outer Banks students who have been accepted to UNC, with preference going to Dare County. The first award was made in the fall of 2007.

Joe and Ann created the need-based scholarship because they wanted to benefit students from the OBX and students from surrounding counties who had been accepted to UNC and needed some financial assistance. "We didn't want any kids to lose their opportunity to come to Carolina because they couldn't afford it," Joe said. "We think a lot of Chapel Hill and the programs at the university." Both Joe and Ann attended UNC and support the athletics by attending both football and basketball games frequently. Go HEELS!

In 2012-2013 there we five students attending UNC who received the scholarship.

Recently The Lamb's also assited in providing funding for the SUDDEN study within the Division of Cardiolgy at the UNC School of Medicine. To help better understand how sudden unexpected death affects our community. The focus is to uncover risk factors, causes of cardiovascualr disease.