Outer Banks Winter Rentals

Monthly Winter Outer Banks Home Rentals

In addition to providing weekly vacation rentals, we also offer some of those same properties to those looking for monthly winter rentals here on the Outer Banks of North Carolina

You would have never guessed that roughly 20 years ago after Labor Day the island was completely vacant. Only a very small few knew the secret of how special the Outer Banks becomes once the sun begins to set a little earlier, the nights grow a bit cooler, the traffic subsides and each person you pass you know by name. Slowly but surely it seems that the long-kept secret of winter on the Outer Banks is out and we couldn't be more thrilled to share our special slice of heaven with you!  Our winter rentals vary in size, location, and price. See the details on each property listing. 

Looking for weekly rentals during the off-season? The lowest rates of the year, do a rental search to see what is available.

Interested in Monthly Rentals? Please fill out the contact form then, Fill Out a Rental Application - All applications require a $20.00 fee per person. Please contact Kim Dubec for any questions, kim@joelambjr.com.

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