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OBX Duck & Wind Fest Tickets Go On Sale

We may be getting a little ahead of ourselves with this one but the 2015 tickets for the 2015 Duck and Wine Festival go on sale online at Coastal Provisions Market on Sunday, February 1. There will be a limited number of tickets available at Cravings in Duck and Coastal Provisions Market in Southern Shores starting Monday, February 2. 

The event isn’t until April 25, which is why we may be getting a bit ahead of ourselves, but the last couple of years of the event have been so much fun and so well attended it seems like a good idea to get the word out as soon as possible.

The event itself is a great day on the the Currituck Sound waterfront. Hosted by the Waterfront Shops in Duck, the Festival brings some of the finest chefs and restauranteurs together to prepare duck in a myriad of different styles then pair that with wine.  It is a wonderful way to experience great food in a beautiful setting. 

A fundraiser for the Currituck-Dare Community Foundation, last year’s event raised almost $15,000.

Outer Banks Nor'easter Here and Gone

Timing, so the saying goes, is everything, and for the nor’easter that just exited the Outer Banks, the timing was just about perfect—the peak of the storm came through last night at about the same time as low tide and the moon phase is waxing crescent, just past the new moon.

The result is no overwash, no flooding—at least that we could see—and no disruption of life.

Of course it also helps that as nor’easters go this one had the courtesy to move out of here quickly. It was windy but nothing like some of the classic nor’easters we’ve had in the past where the wind howls at 30 mph with stronger gusts for two or three days. Those tend to make everyday life a little more challenging but for anyone living on the Outer Banks, it’s a small price to pay of the privilege of living so close to the forces of nature.

We just came off three beautiful days that were almost a summer tease, and then a nor’easter clipper, if there is such a thing. It is a reminder, perhaps, that there is a balance in all things and that if winter is a time of ocean winds and gray skies the spring, summer and autumn on the Outer Banks are the counter point.

Perfect OBX Winter Days

Enjoying a perfect winter day on the Outer Banks.

Three beautiful days in a row here on the Outer Banks—a rare thing indeed in the winter . . . not so rare in the summer. A bit chillier today than earlier in the week but still for January, quite a nice day.

It looks like we’re in for a change coming up this weekend. Friday evening into Saturday looks like it’s going to be pretty much of a washout, but as the front moves out, the next few days of next week look good.

Of course weather like this just reminds everyone how nice the summers are on the Outer Banks—sort of a tease. It’s not as though anyone is throwing a blanket on the sand and working on their tan in the winter. The temperatures struggled to the high 40s today and the water temperature is about the same as the air temperature.

For surfers, it’s definitely dry suit conditions. There were a couple of surfers out this afternoon; conditions were good—not great—with a fairly clean break and two foot to two-and-a-half foot waves.

Maybe the last three days have been a summer tease, but if so, no one’s complaining.

Summer will be here soon enough. Sort of a reminder then, if reservations for an Outer Banks vacation have not been made yet, call us at Joe Lamb, Jr. & Associates at 800-552-6257 or contact us online and let’s find that perfect getaway.

Great Outer Banks Weekend

A great weekend on the Outer Banks with the Wedding Expo on Saturday and Sunday and then late afternoon after the front passed through the seas smoothed out and the break was even. It wasn’t the greatest surf conditions ever, but the waves were rideable and easy to get to.

Which creates a dilemma—what to write about. 

It’s got to be the Wedding Expo—they’ll be other times to write about surf conditions, but the Wedding Expo is a once a year event.

Sponsored by the Outer Banks Wedding Association, the 2015 version had a real wow! factor. In talking to the folks from OBWA it seems as though this was the best attended to date and the vendors had a really good idea of how they wanted to work with the brides and grooms. Perhaps most importantly, there was a palpable sense that families were feeling more confident in the economy and were more likely to commit to wedding services.

The Outer Banks has become one of the most favored destination wedding sites in the United States—and the reasons for that were on full display at the Expo. For couples planning on coming here to get married, call us here at Joe Lamb, Jr. & Associates at 800-552-6257 or online—we have homes that are perfect for your family and guests

Make Plans for OBX Wedding Expo

John Wright, owner of Sanctuary Vineyards in Currituck discusses wedding plans at the 2014 Expo.

Brides and grooms—the Outer Banks Wedding Association Wedding Expo is this weekend and if plans to attend have not already been made, make them if an Outer Banks wedding is planned.

There is a reason why the Outer Banks has become one of the most popular wedding destinations on the East Coast. Actually it’s not just one reason, it’s many. There’s the scenery and settings—everything from the beach with the ocean as a backdrop to a sunset ceremony at the Whalehead Club. Because weddings are so popular the range of services available and the number of vendors providing them is amazing . . . and a visit to the Wedding Expo is a great way to get a good idea of who is doing what and which businesses will match best with your plans.

An important part of the Expo are the caterers—actually the food the caterers present. Don’t eat before the you go. Outer Banks chefs are as good as any chefs anywhere and the samples they’re presenting all day long are proof of that.

Once the day is set, give us a call at Joe Lamb, Jr. & Associates at 800-552-6257 or contact us online; we’ll help you with your lodging needs and our concierge service is the perfect resource for what to do on the Outer Banks.

Art Show Brings Out Outer Banks Community

The paintings of Jeeica Pace-Berkely at Glenn Eure's Ghost Fleet Gallery in Nags Head.

One of the great parts to living on the Outer Banks is the sense of community that seems to be so much a part of everyday life. Every place has their traditions and gathering times and to be sure, we’re no different as far as that goes.

But there is something wonderful and comforting about going to an art show and falling into conversation with friends and acquaintances that seem to show up at the same time and same place. 

The Outer Banks tradition is one strongly supporting the arts and that was on full display at the opening reception for artist Jessica Pace-Berkeley at Glenn Eure’s Ghost Fleet Gallery in Nags Head. Sponsored by the Don and Catharine Bryan Cultural Series, the paintings were striking in their size and execution. 

Typical of many places the Outer Banks has a number of traditions that mark us as unique as a community. Certainly the summer with all the visitors that come from every state and many countries is an important part of our culture; yet in the winter another aspect of our community comes to the fore—a place that is generous of spirit, creative and loves a reason to get out and enjoy the company of friends.

Shivering on the Outer Banks

Geese at Kitty Hawk Bay in the winter.

By any standard it’s cold on the Outer Banks today. Very cold . . . as in it’s not going to get above freezing. Admittedly it’s not as cold as it is in Philadelphia, or Washington, D.C., or Columbus, Ohio, but it’s cold. And that north wind isn’t helping much either, and the snow flurries this morning just added insult to injury.

It’s enough to make you start dreaming about the summer—warm breezes, soft sand, refreshing ocean temperatures, lots of sunshine . . . all the reason people come to the Outer Banks for their vacations. 

Since we’re already talking about the summer, this is probably a good time to put a plug in for getting those summer reservations taken care of as soon as possible. Here at Joe Lamb, Jr. & Associates we still have a good selection of rentals available, but it’s best to let us know what your needs are as soon as possible. The earlier we can confirm a reservation the better we are able to match your plans with one of our properties.

A final note on the weather—the wind and front that passed through has kicked up some surf. Not great, but for someone with a dry suit and time on their hands worth checking out.


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