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Daytirppin' to Hatteras

Futuro house in Frisco.

A beautiful, beautiful day on the Outer Banks. I had some things I had to do down on Hatteras Island and, gosh, what a heartbreaker to have to drive down there today.

Hatteras Island is about as nice a day trip from the northern Outer Banks as there could be. It takes about an hour and a half of straight driving to get from Kitty Hawk to the Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum just past the Ferry Terminal.

But, hey . . . stop and smell the roses along the way . . . or dig your feet into the sand. Check out an art gallery, walk the beach. And by all means, stop by the Futuro house in Frisco.

The Futuro home is one of a handful of the concept homes left in the United States that were built by a Finnish designer in the 1960s and 70s. It looks like a flying saucer—really.

The idea was to fabricate a house from plastic and resin, and put it together like pieces of a pie. Because the structure rests on pylons and the prefab pieces were light enough for a helicopter to lift, they could be placed just about anywhere.

This time of year, a little green man stands outside and waves to traffic.

A lot of fun and worth stopping for.

Marathon Weekend & Joe Lamb, Jr-A Great Weekend

A shout out to our readers who are runners—the 9th Annual Outer Banks Marathon is a little bit less than three weeks away on Veteran’s Day Weekend. 

It’s called a marathon because the featured race is a marathon, but the whole weekend is so much more than that. 

The Marathon is on Sunday—starts very early in the morning on the Woods Road in Kitty Hawk and 26.2 miles later it ends in Manteo. It is one of the most beautiful runs around, winding through maritime forests, past Jockey’s Ridge State Park and ending in Manteo, which is as pretty a little town as can be imagined.

The whole weekend is filled with activities, including a Sunday half-marathon and a 10K, 5K and fun run on Saturday.

By a rough count there were some 6500 people participating in the races last year, which makes this a pretty popular event. Much of that popularity has happened because Outer Banks businesses, the race organizers and everyone associated with the weekend have gone out of their way to make sure this is about family.

Here at Joe Lamb, Jr. we do have partial week rentals available of the weekend. Contact our Reservations Department at 800-552-6257 or click on the link to Joe Lamb, Jr. reservation page and let us make your Marathon Weekend the best ever.

32nd Lions Outer Banks Fishing Tournament

800+ participants with compainions at dinner on Wednesday night.

The 32nd Lions VIP (Visually Impaired Persons) Fishing Tournament managed to get in two out of three days of spectacular weather. The fishing was great—especially for those two days of incredible weather.

But the fishing isn’t nearly as important as the event.

As far as anyone can tell with over 800 participants and everyone who helps to make the three day event so amazing, the Outer Banks Lion’s VIP Fishing Tournament is the largest in the world. Just how many people come to the Outer Banks to be a part of the event really comes home at the awards banquet that was held on Wednesday at the Lions Hall at Wescott Park in Manteo.

There were people there from all over North Carolina; we spoke to people who came from Georgia, Rhode Island and New York. Participants came from as far away as Canada and states farther west, and everyone had the same sentiment, that this was a remarkable, even life-changing event.

The Tournament is more than the people coming to the Outer Banks—there is an amazing participation from local businesses as well. The northern fishing piers, Avalon, Kitty Hawk, Jennette’s Pier and Nags Head Pier all participated. The Crystal Dawn head boat took group after group out.

It was truly a community event . . . a community event in the largest sense of the word.

3rd Annual Outer Banks Seafood Festival-Amazing, again!

Crowd at the 3rd Annual Outer Banks Seafood Festival. Photo, Matt Artz,

There’s no point in even trying to figure out which of the three Outer Banks Seafood Festivals was the best.

The 3rd Annual one was held on Saturday at the Outer Banks Visitors Bureau Event Site in Nags Head, beautiful weather again—we’ll cross our fingers for that to continue next year—there were thousands of people there . . . just how many thousands, we’ll have to wait for the official count . . . the music was great, the seafood dishes from local restaurants amazing. 

In short, about as close to a perfect day for a seafood festival as there could be.

A highlight? That’s tough. The music was great from beginning to end. Mojo Collins really rocked it this year. Mojo has been around for a while, and he knows how to get a crowd going.

After the first seafood festival we gave up even trying to say what was the best of the seafood. It was fun, though, seeing Mike Kelly from Kelly's Outer Banks Tavern in the mix, serving up platters with everyone else.

If there was a highlight, maybe it’s as simple as letting the world know how great the fishermen who live on the Outer Banks are and how good they are at keeping us fed.

Outer Banks Octoberfest

Sometimes we get so anxious to talk about all the big things that are happening on the Outer Banks that we forget to mention the day to day events that make this such a wonderful place to live.

This is one of those small things that would never make a newspaper or radio or anything like that, but it’s a great reminder that the Outer Banks is a great place to raise a kid.

The combined First Flight High School, First Flight Middle School and First Flight Elementary School Choirs held their annual Octoberfest on Tuesday night.

It was an all German song night. . . a couple of pieces from Bach, a medley of Beethoven songs and a few pieces from The Sound of Music, which is admittedly about an Austrian family but I suppose it qualifies on the basis of language.

It was held in the High School auditorium which has excellent acoustics and the kids sounded really good, especially when the high school advanced choir sang accompaniment.

There wasn’t anything about the evening that was earth shattering or newsworthy—just families and friends celebrating one of the small moments that make life so precious.

Columbus Day Weekend-Music Fest Time on the Outer Banks

Revivalists performing Saturday Night at the Mustang Music Festival.


Two great music festivals and almost great weather . . . it doesn’t get much better than that.

The 4th Annual Mustang Music Festival kicked everything off on Friday with new digs—the Whalehead Club in Corolla—and a fantastic lineup.

Then Saturday came for the second day of the the festival and if it wasn’t for a front that came roaring through about 3:00 in the afternoon it would have been a second perfect day. New Madrid had to cut things short (they go to perform later at Sundogs), but after an hour and a half, the rain and wind had stopped and the music began again. 

Really difficult to pick out a favorite, but local—and national touring band—TR3 really killed it on Friday night. Saturday night? Have to go with the Revivalists out of New Orleans, although the New Mastersounds who wrapped the show up on Saturday were nothing short of excellent.

That all got followed by the 8th Annual Duck Jazz Festival today. 

Great weather, great musicians, all of it free in a beautiful outdoor setting. It would be difficult to imagine a better day. 

Columbus Day Weekend, every year, the two festivals go back to back. The perfect time to visit the Outer Banks.

An Outer Banks Tradition

Take a few moments to read this wonderful article written by Horace Whitfield about our company.   Start your own Outer Banks Tradition by vacationing on the OBX with Joe.


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