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The Joe Lamb, Jr. List of Most Romantic OBX Walks

Duck Boardwalk.

Along with being one of the greatest family vacation places, the Outer Banks has a well-deserved reputation for romantic settings. Romance is many things but one of the best parts of it is something as simple as a walk with a loved one.

Here, then, is our Joe Lamb, Jr. & Associates list of most romantic Outer Banks walks. A subjective list, we admit.

1. The Beach

Any beach. Nags Head, Corolla, Duck, Kitty Hawk—it doesn’t matter. There is something so wonderful about strolling along the beach with the endless sea rolling to the shore that everything else pales by comparison. Best time to go is morning or evening.

2. Duck Boardwalk

Spectacular sunsets, open water, wildlife and easy access to a quick drink or a snack, the Duck Boardwalk has it all. It doesn’t get much better than this for an evening walk.

3. Elizabethan Gardens

Located on the north end of Roanoke Island, the Elizabethan Gardens, the paths wander through ten acres of formal gardens. Something is always in bloom, the fountain area is classic and the scent of flowers fills the air.

4. Woods Road

The Woods Road in Kitty Hawk would seem an unlikely place for a romantic stroll, but the multi-use path that runs along the road is beautifully shaded by old growth trees. An unexpected environment so close to the ocean. 

Honorable mention: Whalehead Club

The Whalehead Club, actually Currituck Heritage Park, is beautiful with a well-kept lawn that is perpetually green and large shade trees. However, with no clearly defined path to walk, it doesn’t quite make our list.

Outer Banks Taste of the Beach Wraps Up

At the Joe Lamb, Jr. BBQ & WINGS Showdown.

What an amazing Taste of the Beach the 2015 version has been. The Joe Lamb, Jr. BBQ & WINGS Showdown was amazing, even though the weather through a curve at us with cool temperatures and a steady rain. No matter, plan B went into action and a tent was up at the south end of the Sea Ranch parking lot in plenty of time for ribs to cook and the crowds to come.

Great food too. Interesting that the very traditional ways of fixing ribs, barbecue and wings seemed to carry the day. The big winner had to be SaltyDawg Smokehouse up in Currituck taking three out of the six awards—Judges Best BBQ and Wings and People’s Choice BBQ. Their BBQ was perfect and their ribs were almost as good. Both Pigman’s ribs and SaltyDawgs fell off the bone in and melted in the mouth with a nice subtle smokiness.

The 2015 Taste of the Beach is winding down—today is the last day, with the Grand Tasting wrapping things up tonight at Pamlico Jack’s in Nags Head. There have been so many great event, there just doesn’t seem to be any way to report on all of them. 

Put this event on the calendar for next year. An amazing four days on the Outer Banks and great way to learn how remarkable our chefs are.

The Joe Lamb, Jr. BBQ & WINGS Showdown

Judges Winners:

Best Pork BBQ – SaltyDawg Smokehouse

Best Ribs – Pigmans Bar-B-Que (3rd year in a row!)

Best Wings – SaltyDawg Smokehouse

People’s Choice Winners:

Best Pork BBQ – SaltyDawg Smokehouse

Best Ribs – Pigmans Bar-B-Que

Best Wings – New York Pizza Pub

Town of Duck Makes USA Today Top 10 List

Sunset from the deck of Aqua in Duck.

We were all set to write about some of our favorite restaurants on the north end of the Outer Banks—thinking we would write mostly about how great a town Duck is and then USA Today took the words right from us when they awarded one of the top 10 spots in their People’s Choice Awards for “Best Coastal Small Town.”

Here’s a small sampling of what they said:

“The far northern community of Duck . . . (a) resort town boasting lots of restaurants and shops, and a reputation for its beautiful beaches. With Currituck Sound to one side and the Atlantic Ocean to the other, water sports and outdoor adventures abound.”

Which brings up the topic of favorite upscale restaurants in Duck (in no particular order):

Blue Point-Located in the Waterfront Shops, it’s been open for just about 26 years now, starting as an oyster bar serving blue point oysters. Executive Chef Sam McCann and John Powers realized pretty quickly they had something special and now they had something special and began expanding the menu and restaurant. Today they offer spectacular food with an equally spectacular view of Currituck Sound.

Aqua-It’s a little early in the season right now to sit out on the deck and have a meal overlooking the Currituck Sound, but once the weather warms a bit, this may be the best waterfront dining experience on the Outer Banks. A great small but well-stocked bar, wonderful menu selection and perfect open air dining.

Red Sky Cafe-In a way, it’s unfair to classify Chef Wes Stepp’s Red Sky Cafe as fine dining since he’s all about keeping things relaxed and casual. There is a reason, though, that Wes is one of the most sought after chefs of special events on the Outer Banks. Look for creative interpretations of classic dishes as well as some flavors and foods combined in new ways.

In addition to the more upscale restaurants in Duck, there are some great coffee shops, sandwiches and just great places to get a bite to eat in town.

26th Annual OBX Kelly's St. Patrick's Day Parade

Outer Banks Veterans leading Kelly's St. Patrick’s Day Parade. By tradition, they always lead.

It would be difficult to imagine a parade that more perfectly sums up the Outer Banks experience than Mike Kelly’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade. It’s only a mile long, but packed into that mile along the Beach Road in Nags Head are high school marching bands, a beach chair precision drill team, the Kill Devil Derby Brigade—a local roller derby team. There are giant crabs and dancing children. Every fire department from Hatteras to Duck sends fire trucks. Candy flies from every conceivable source.

It is, quintessentially and uniquely, all-American and Outer Banks. A gathering of families under a deep blue sky; children squealing with laughter and joy rushing to gather in as much candy as they can; the only requirement to participate seems to be filling out a parade application—there does not appear to be any vetting of who gets to march.

The end result is a blending of traditional parade stuff with the bizarre and wonderfully different—and it’s been that way since 1989.

If there is a kickoff to the spring season, the Kelly’s Parade is it. Next weekend, it’s Taste of the Beach

OBX Taste of the Beach Coming Soon

Wow was today and yesterday a tease or what!. Incredibly beautiful days on the Outer Banks. It’s going back to more seasonal now. . . highs in the 50s and the forecast calls for sunshine after tomorrow.

So it looks as though we’re going to have some nice weather for the Outer Banks Taste of the Beach coming up next week, Thursday through Sunday. A little bit cool perhaps, but the sun should keep things from getting too cold.

There are so many events over the four days, that we can’t possibly call out all of them, but one in particular that is sure to be a lot of fun is the The Joe Lamb Jr. Outer Banks BBQ & Wings Showdown on Friday from noon-3:00 at the Sea Ranch Resort in Kill Devil Hills.

Some of the finest barbecue in the world is created right here on the Outer Banks and this is a great opportunity to try some of the best. Last year’s event was a blast and this year things are looking to be even more fun.

Here at Joe Lamb, Jr. & Associates we do have some partial week rentals still available. Give us a call at 800-552-5257 or online. Guests staying with us for the 2015 Outer Banks Taste of the Beach and receive two adult tickets to the BBQ & WINGS Showdown, plus a Joe Lamb, Jr. cooler and T-shirt.

Best OBX Children's Activites

Kids Day at Kitty Hawk Kites

Now that the weather is finally reminding us that winter is just a bad memory, thoughts of summer time and summer vacation are not far behind.  The Outer Banks is widely acknowledged to be one of the finest, if not the finest, family resort around and there is so much for kids to do in the summer, that it can be overwhelming.

To help with that, here at Joe Lamb, Jr. & Associates, we have compiled a short list of some of our favorite things to do with children. By no means is this complete—just a starting point.

1. Beach

It’s the whole reason people have been coming to the Outer Banks for almost 200 years. There is a whole world to be explored—the surf, the sand, ghost crabs . . . the list is endless.

2. Children at Play

Located in Bucaneers Walk in Kitty Hawk, the Outer Banks Children at Play offers a so much for pre-schoolers to do that it can’t be completely described. A fantastic resource on a rainy day. Open all year.

3. Kitty Hawk Kites Kids Day-Wednesday

Face painting, kite making, yoyo contests, the Kitty Hawk Kites Kids Day at their Jockey’s Ridge Store in Nags Head is the original Outer Banks all kids, all day event. 

4. Duck Town Park-Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 10 a.m.-11 a.m.

Mid week throughout the summer, the Duck Town Park is all about kid’s activities. A children’s reading hour, children’s theatre, a magician. A great way to start the day, and done early enough so there is still beach time.

OBX Taste of the Beach Just Two Weeks Away

What really sets the Outer Banks Taste of the Beach apart from so many other similar events is how it includes the entire Outer Banks. For four days—March 19-22— Outer Banks chefs and restaurants put on display of creativity and skill that rivals anything anywhere, and the best part of it, is the way to truly experience it is to tour the Outer Banks from Manteo to the Whalehead Club in Corolla.

There are a lot of event, so it is not possible to see them all, so here are a few recommendations.

By all means, be sure to set aside noon to 3 on Friday, March 20 for the Joe Lamb, Jr. Outer Banks BBQ & Wings Showdown. Held in the parking lot of the Sea Ranch Resort in Kill Devil Hills, after experiencing this last year the advice is bring a good appetite a be prepared to be wowed!

There is another cookoff—the Chowder Cookoff on Saturday, from noon to 3 also. Another not-to-be-missed event, this one held at Southern Shores Crossing in Southern Shores.

With so many choices it’s almost impossible to choose, but here are two more that seem a bit different.

NC Wines vs. The World – A Blind Tasting Battle Royale at Sanctuary Vineyards at the Cotton Gin in Jarvisburg. It’s NC Wines vs the World. Should be an interesting time. Held on Friday from either 10 a.m.-12 or 2-4 p.m. the timing is perfect for a wine tasting then the BBQ Showdown.

Mr. Knight’s Wild Night at the Whalehead Club looks to be memorable. Saturday from 5:00-11:00 p.m., it’s a tour of the facility, followed by a Prohibition-era party with food prepared by Red Sky Chef, Wes Stepp, prohibition style cocktails—made with bathtub gin?—and wine and beer from North Carolina.

That’s just a small example—a very small example of what the TOB has to offer. Here at Joe Lamb Jr. & Associates we are offering partial week stays for the event. Give us a call, 800-552-5257, or check us out on line for availability. Stay the week or the weekend and get two tickets to the BBQ Showdown.


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