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36th Annual Wright Kite Fest Last Saturday & Sunday

Here’s one of those little known facts about the Wright Brothers—on October 24, 1911  Orville Wright launched a glider from the sand dunes of Kitty Hawk (as that area of Kill Devil Hills was known at the time) and soared for a world record 9 minutes and 45 seconds. It was a record of achievement that would stand for 10 years.

The type of glider Orville was flying was really a gigantic kite—which is another way of saying the flying conditions of for kite flying on the Outer Banks may be the best in the world. 

That may be what the Wright Kite Festival held Saturday and Sunday this past weekend is all about.

Sponsored by Kitty Hawk Kites, this year marked the 36th annual event held at the Wright Brothers Memorial and for all 36 years a couple of things have remained constant: it’s fun for everyone—lots of kites for everyone to fly, and the sky is alive with huge decorative kites carrying every imaginable ornament aloft.

A few clouds and a bit of rain on Saturday and the winds were a little iffy on Sunday, but a great time anyway. 

This is an outstanding family event. Look for the 37th Annual Wright Kite Festival next year just about the same time of the month.

Gin Blossoms & Spin Doctors Come to Outer Banks

The Gin Blossoms on statge at Roanoke Island Festival Park.


It would be tough to picture a better setting for a rock concert than Roanoke Island Festival Park in Manteo, especially on Thursday evening when the Gin Blossoms, Spin Doctors and Scars on 45 came to town.

This was the last Brew Thru Summer Series Concert of the year and and there’s nothing like going out on a high note. 

Great music, perfect weather, beautiful setting—that’s about as good as it gets.

With Scars on 45 leading off the show you knew it was going to be a great day. A British band, they’re just getting their name out in the U.S. but they were very good.

But the crowd was there to see the Spin Doctors and Gin Blossoms and both bands showed why they have been at the top for so long. Great music, fantastic stage presence and some showmanship.

They also made sure to include some of their hits—Jimmy Olsen’s Blues, Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong and Two Princes for the Spin Doctors. Hey Jealousy, Allison Road, and Found Out About You for the Gin Blossoms. A couple of other familiar tunes were on the playlist as well.

One of the nicest aspects of the Brew Thru Concert Series is how family friendly they are. A lot of families with all the kids in tow, and a few parents mentioned this was their kids first concert. A great first one to take them to.

Vivo-Spanish Mustang Colt, Recovering Well

This is a nice little feel-good story.

About six weeks ago one of the Spanish Mustangs of the Corolla Wild Horse herd gave birth to Vivo—who, unfortunately had a severe birth defect that did not allow him to walk on his hoofs.

In the wild, Vivo would have died a painful lingering death, but the condition is actually easily correctable by a veterinarian. 

To save him both Vivo and his mother, Mimoso, had to be removed from the herd and taken to a farm where they now live.

The good news is mother and son are doing great. In fact, reports indicate Vivo seems to have a bit of the rambunctious child about him—which is normal.

The Corolla Wild Horse Fund manages the Corolla Wild Horse herd, and they have done an amazing job in keeping the herd viable and a part of the Corolla landscape. The horses have been been moved north of the paved section of NC 12 for their protection. They are very much a part of the landscape in the Carova area. The best way to view them is to take a trip with the guide services that specialize in trips to see the horses.

They are magnificent animals, but it is important to remember they are wild horses. Do not feed them—human food can be deadly to them—and remember: it is illegal be within 50’ of them.








Outer Banks Bush League

Hoping for their chance at professional baseball, collegiate ballplayers make their way to the Outer Banks every summer hoping their skills will catch the eye of a scout. To David Menzies that’s a compelling story, and he’s hoping his reality concept, Bush League: The Show, will make it to the big leagues of network TV.

He just spent the week here on the Outer Banks, filming games, talking to sponsors and telling the story of 20 some kids with good skills and big dreams.

The Outer Banks Daredevils play in the Tidewater Summer League, a collegiate league that gives college kids their first taste of playing under major league rules. Although much of the basics are the same, for many of the kids it is the first time they have swung  or pitched to a wooden bat.

The difference is significant—aluminum bats generate the same amount of power no matter where on the bat the ball strikes; wooden bats have a 5”-6” sweet spot. It changes how batters hit, it changes how pitchers pitch, and if a player can’t make the adjustment, they’ll never make in the “Show”.

The Outer Banks Daredevils play at the First Flight High School Ballpark in Kill Devil Hills. Ticket prices are very reasonable, it’s a great evening of family entertainment and something different to do on the Outer Banks. Their season runs through August 14 with home games Monday-Thursday. 

They are currently in first place in their league.

Hurricane Arthur--Should be Here and Gone Quickly

Hurricane Arthur is all set to make life on the Outer Banks interesting. As hurricanes go, no one can remember seeing a hurricane this early in the season, and checking over historic records, it is very rare for coastal NC to experience a tropical system this early. Very, very rare.

If there can be a blessing in a hurricane it’s that this one is going to be here and gone in a hurry.

A little wiggle to the right or left and everything changes, but the way it looks right now, Hatteras Island is going to be hit with the most impacts—south of Oregon Inlet is under a mandatory evacuation—and here at the Joe Lamb, Jr. offices in Kitty Hawk, it looks like six hours of a lot of rain and a lot of wind. 

If the forecast holds true, and all indications are that it will, by mid morning Arthur will be a memory.

Obviously Arthur is affecting a lot of activities, so here is a list of closures, rescheduled events and cancellations. (We grabbed this information from the Hidden Outer Banks website):

The National Park Service is closing all of its campgrounds and its facilities. The visitor’s centers on Ocracoke and Hatteras Island are also closed.

The Bodie Island Visitor Center, Wright Brothers National Memorial and Fort Raleigh National Historic Site will close on Thursday and Friday.

Bodie Island Lighthouse and Cape Hatteras Lighthouse are closed and will reopen on Saturday.

No driving on National Park beaches is allowed, either.

Fireworks: If you love fireworks, Arthur kinda did you a favor. 

If you play your cards right you can see fireworks three nights in a row! Click on the links below for more info.

The Whalehead Club in Corolla will set off their fireworks on Monday, July 7.

The Town of Nags Head and the Town of Kill Devil Hills have rescheduled their pyrotechnics for Saturday.

The Town of Manteo will light the sky on Sunday evening.

Avon will be rocking it out on Monday.

Town of Duck-July 4th Parade

The Town of Duck has cancelled their July 4th Parade. It will not be rescheduled.

The Lost Colony has cancelled this evening's show. This means the next show will be Saturday, July 5th, as traditionally the show is dark on the 4th of July.


Kill Devil Hills will NOT be collecting garbage on Friday, July 4th. The Town will collect all commercial customers, and west side residential customers on SATURDAY, JULY 5, 2014.

Roanoke Island Aquarium the Place to Be This Summer

The NC Aquarium on Roanoke Island held there grand opening for the STAR Center on Friday. STAR, by the way stands for Sea Turtle Assistance and Rehabilitation.

It is an absolutely remarkable facility, definitely worth a visit if you’re going to the Aquarium—which is highly recommended.

What is so amazing about the STAR Center is the access it gives to the public to see how injured sea turtles are treated and rehabilitated. There are six rehab tanks and an operating room all of it open to the public—although the operating room is encased in glass to keep it sterile.

The facility came about because of a remarkable partnership between the Aquarium and Network for Endangered Sea Turtles (N.E.S.T.). N.E.S.T. volunteers were some of the first people to start bringing injured sea turtles to the Aquarium and much of the specialized equipment in the building is a result of the organization’s efforts.

This is a great summer to visit the Aquarium. Along with the STAR Center that just opened, Tyrannosaurus Trek is on the grounds through the summer. A short path leads visitors past life-sized animatronic dinosaurs, it is a must see part of the Aquarium experience.


Bruce Hornsby Wows the Outer Banks

Now that was a night to remember. 

Bruce Hornsby and the Noisemakers played the Outer Banks last night and wow was that a great concert. 

It’s part of the Brew Thru Summer Music Series, with bands playing on the outdoor stage at Roanoke Island Festival Park in Manteo. The next show is Live on July 10 followed by the Gin Blossoms on July 17.

The opening act may have been the most impressive, though. Chessboxer consists of Ross Holmes or mandolin and fiddle and Matt Menefee on banjo and guitar. Holmes also plays in the Noisemakers. It seemed as though they hit just about every musical style there is—bluegrass, Celtic and Scottish folk, jazz and they finished up with a classical piece by Claude DeBussy.

It would be hard to imagine a better setting than RIFP. The sun was setting, there were boats out in the sound, a nice breeze picked up, families and couples were spread out everywhere and then Bruce Honsby and the Noisemakers walked on stage.

They left not doubt about why they are the headliners. Creative arrangements, tight musically, great musicians, everything you go to a concert for. 

Hornsby did break out his dulcimer—that’s a traditional three-stringed bluegrass instrument—and what he performed was a wonderful synthesis of tradition and a little bit more.

It would be hard to imagine a better evening of music.

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