When cooling the home at check-in, try to turn on all fans and keep all blinds and curtains shut, as this will help to increase the efficiency of the system.

You should not set the thermostat below 72 degrees because the cooling system works best when kept at constant room temperature. On very hot days, the upper floors may not cool until the sun sets.

During the warm summer months, it may take up to 24 hours for the home to cool properly after being cleaned and serviced between arrivals and departures.

Systems cannot cool to more than 20 degrees below the temperature outside. In other words, if the outside temperature is 96 degrees, then the system will not be able to cool to less than 76 degrees.  Setting the system lower than normal to compensate for higher outside temperatures will freeze up the outside unit.

Leaving doors and/or windows open can greatly hinder the efficiency of the HVAC system and ultimately freeze up the unit. You must keep all doors and windows closed while the air conditioning is running.  Failure to do so may cause a substantial increase in humidity within the property and may result in damage to the home or the cooling system.

Some of our homes have HVAC systems that may be monitored by the homeowner.

How do I know if the outside unit has frozen up?

Vents/ registers are blowing air that is room temperature (not cooling).

Air handler is moving air, but the heat pump outside is not running. This can indicate that the compressor was over worked and needs to cool down.

What do I do if my system has frozen up?

 If the HVAC system has frozen turn the thermostat to the off position and report the HVAC issue to our office here. Please remember the exact time that you turned your system off so that technicians are aware.

Once reported, Joe Lamb Jr. & Associates will send a technician to your property to attempt to turn the system back on and ensure that it is working correctly. If we are not able to get the system working, then a third-party HVAC vendor will have to be scheduled to visit the home.

 HVAC Technicians

Our homeowners contract with reputable HVAC companies from throughout the area to service their homes. Each company is marked with their own logo and their technicians can be given an access code to the property if your party wishes. 

Opening windows and doors during an HVAC outage

If you do experience an outage and decide to open windows or doors for circulation, please remember to shut and lock all back after the HVAC system has been repaired.

Window Units

If an HVAC outage cannot be immediately repaired, management will have window units installed throughout the home to sufficiently cool all areas. This usually occurs when the system requires a part that must be ordered to complete the repair.

Setting Thermostats Upon Checkout

To help us maintain utilities in homes, please set systems to 75 degrees on cool in the summer, and 60 degrees on heat in the winter.