Most homes are on septic systems. Please do not flush or pour in the drains anything that is not biodegradable.  Also, most homes do not provide a garbage disposal.  You should not dispose of grease, oils, dental floss, feminine hygiene products, diapers, cigarette butts, tissues, cotton swabs, coffee grounds, paper towels or chemicals in the drains.


If a leak occurs, try to cut off the source of water by locating the appropriate valve under a sink or toilet. Once secure, please report the matter with a maintenance request form and a technician will come out to resolve the situation. In an emergency where water cannot be cut off, please call our office immediately at 252-261-4444.

Outside Hoses:

Salt air often causes hoses to corrode to their faucets. Please do not attempt to remove corroded hoses from exterior faucets. Excess force can cause an internal crack and ultimately water damage inside the wall of the home.  If a hose is out of service, please fill out a maintenance request form and a technician will be out to resolve the situation.