The day of check-in the pool and hot tub vendor has until 4:00 to service the pool and/or hot tub. Checking into the property early does not mean that the pool and/or hot tub have been serviced.  SOME of the vendors will leave a door tag or write on a dry erase board located in the pool/hot area as to when last serviced. PLEASE DO NOT ENTER THE POOL and/or HOT TUB UNTIL SERVICED DUE TO SAFETY PRECAUTIONS.

A mid-week service will be done on by the pool/hot tub vendor either Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. They are required by Joe Lamb and Associates to do a midweek chemical check and adjust the chemicals as need. NOT ALL VENDORS do a midweek vacuum on the pools, that is a decision between the owner of the property and their pool and/or hot tub company. The pools are vacuumed on check-in days.

Please keep the hot tub cover on the hot tub and strapped down whenever not in use. Leaving the cover off will result in loss of temperature, sand and bugs in the hot tub.

Sand is a part of the Outer Banks and will blow into pools and hot tubs.  Sand will not damage the mechanics of the pool or hot tub. The chemicals in the pool or hot tub are not affected by sand. Therefore, the pool and hot tub are SAFE to use with sand in them.

 To keep the pool filtering correctly:

Maintain the pool water level at the minimum, slightly above the middle of the skimmer box in the side of the pool. Adding water will not lower the chemical levels;

Everyone needs to shower off before entering the pool to remove suntan lotions, sunscreens and body lotions, etc. as they will block up the filters and the pools may have to shut down if extremely cloudy and can't see the bottom;

Remove all toys and floats from the pool when not using the pool as they will be drawn to the skimmer box and block the filtration.

 To keep hot tubs filtering correctly:

Everyone needs to shower off before entering the hot tub to remove suntan lotions, sunscreens and body lotions, etc. as they will block up the filter causing the hot tub to become cloudy.

Maintain the hot tub water level just above the jets. Adding water will not lower the chemical levels;

No Food or Drinks use while in the hot tub.


Private Pools: Some homes have private pools. Private pools are open seasonally, usually from the first full week in May through the third full week in October.  Some homes have heat available.  To heat them, Owners require an additional fee that is indicated in the individual description of the home.  If you would like to add pool heat, please contact our office directly to make arrangements.  Please refer to the individual home descriptions on our website www.joelambjr.com for when heated pools are available.  Some pool heaters cannot operate unless the outside air temperature is above 60 degrees.    

Hot Tubs: Some homes have private hot tubs.  Hot tubs are open year-round.  Hot Tub covers should be kept on and strapped down when not in use.

Private Pool and/or Hot Tub Servicing: Pools and hot tubs are cleaned on the date of your arrival by independent contractors hired by the owner.  They are visited by the contractor during the week of your stay to monitor water quality and provide necessary maintenance.  Our company does not supervise the existence, frequency, or adequacy of this maintenance.  Please do not tamper with or remove devices in the pool or hot tub left by the contractors.  Do not tamper with any pool equipment such as pumps, vacuums and heaters.  Please do not let dogs in the pool.  If a cleaning is required during your stay due to misuse, the cost will be charged to you.  Use of any pool or hot tub can pose risks ranging from infections to drowning.  Please use them with care and at your own risk.  The use of portable hot tubs, kiddie pools, portable pools, etc. anywhere on the property, including decks, porches or patios is prohibited.

Community Pool and/or Hot Tub Policy: Some homes are in neighborhoods with community pools and/or hot tubs. Community pools and hot tubs are open seasonally and maintained by the neighborhood homeowners' associations. Please refer to the individual home descriptions on our website for open and close dates.

If the information above does not resolve your issue, please contact us with a maintenance request form