Travel Status Updates

The local authorities of Dare County have RELEASED restricted travel into the Outer Banks !  We welcomed visitors back on May 16, 2020.  Phase Two re-opening begins 5:00 pm May 22, 2020. There will be restrictions. We know you have a lot of questions and concerns.   Please note that social distancing and other protocols related to the Corona Virus are are put in place in place to protect the well-being of all.  

What changes can you expect due to COVID-19 ?  

We have made adjustments to services concerning Guest Health and Safety .

You can also find answers to commonly asked questions about vacationing here on the OBX :


The Outer Banks Visitors Bureau has prepared a list of restaurants that will offer takeout and/or delivery during Phase One restrictions.   RESTAURANTS WITH TAKEOUT 

Letter to Guests  

We want you to know that these past couple of days have presented constant discussions since news of the COVID-19 virus lead to the announcement of restricted access to the OBX for visitors. We are dedicated to finding out how this affects you as much as possible and have been in constant motion on how to handle the impact on our staff, our guests, our owners, our service vendors and providers as well as those within our community. We understand that it is hard to wait for answers to your questions about your upcoming reservations but please know we are working diligently to get back to everyone’s inquiries.  

As you can imagine,  we are being overwhelmed at this time and ask that you please be patient. Because we want to serve you in the best possible manner, we are prioritizing our responses by arrival date working in two-week increments.  

Since your lease agreement is between you and the homeowner, we must include them in all specific inquiries including requests for refunds and transfers.  Once we have the owners reply, we will communicate it to you. This individualized, personalized process takes time and please be patient while awaiting a response.    
What can you do? 

1. Send an email – – include your reservation number. Please be patient and send only one email.  Limited calls are also appreciated.    

2. If you purchased travel insurance – please review your Sun Trip Preserver Insurance Policy and contact them for answers to your specific questions because every person has different needs and questions.   

It is important to note there is no timeline known at this point on how this will all play out.  We all must abide by what the local, state, and federal government authorities require.   We find out the information about access to the community and the community health recommendations through the Dare County Emergency Management team.  This is public information and you too can sign up to be notified to get their press releases and alerts at Dare County Emergency Management website

The serious nature of the COVID-19 virus affects all of us.  We value our relationship with you and please understand the scenario this pandemic has brought has left us all with many questions and conversations around planning for the future should we be challenged with this again.   We know you love the Outer Banks and we hope that the future brings a swift end to all of this and that our lives will resume as normal sooner than later. 
posted March 20, 2020