Posted on 5/22/2018

Mustang Spring Jam-Great Music & a Great Time in Corolla

Marcus King Band performing at the 7th Annual Mustang Spring Jam. Marcus King Band performing at the 7th Annual Mustang Spring Jam.
Marcus King Band Rocks the House

Sunday's Mustang Spring Jam in Corolla may have been the best yet, and that's really saying something because there have been some amazing  shows in the past. But there was something about this one—maybe it was lucky seven—since this was the 7th annual show. Or may it was just the right combination of music on the right day.

The Mustang Jams always kickoff with the kids from the Mustang Music Outreach. Ranging from third grade through high school seniors, working with longtime professional musician Ruth Wyand, the kids learn how to perform on stage.

The youngest ones are learning, still figuring it out, but just that they're on stage and performing recognizable popular music at eight or nine years of age is pretty impressive.

It gets really impressive though, when two high schools seniors take the stage—both performers will be majoring in music next year in college. At that point there is really no difference between their performance and professional musicians.

That set the stage for everything that followed.

Porch 40, hailing from Asheville put on a heck of a show. Really innovative music—sort of a cross between jazz, blues and rock. Local reggae band Sensi Trails always puts on a great show and the quality of their performance is getting better and better.

Back for a second time—they played last year at the Spring Jam—Fireside Collective. The instruments are bluegrass—guitar, mandolin, standup bass, banjo, and no drum—and the music is kind of bluegrass. But what they play is bluegrass at a rock 'n' roll beat with attitude. Fun and very talented.

The Marcus King Band, though, stole the show.

Watching and listening to the performance of the band there is a real sense that this is a group that is about to step to the next level.

The guitar work of King is amazing, but what sets the band apart is how innovative the arrangements are, how gifted the rest of the musicians are, and how intricate and fascinating the music is.

The styles are all over the genre map; there's blues, hard rock, some psychedelic rock, southern influence, jazz and country. And it all works beautifully together.

We'll hope he make another trip to the Outer Banks. If he does, we'll be sure to check him out.

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