Posted on 1/9/2014

2014 Town Happenings

The New Year certainly announced itself with a deep freeze blast of arctic air. It wasnâåÛåªt midwest cold here on the Outer Banks, but it certainly got your attention. Of course things have quickly moderated and temperatures are getting back to winter normal with daytime highs in the mid 50s to 60.

Now that 2014 is officially here, thereâåÛåªs a lot more happening than just the weather . . . actually this past week saw a lot of plans put in place that have been fulminating for a while.

Beach nourishment is certainly the phrase of the year . . . although the new way to describe it is âåÛåÏshoreline mitigationâåÛå. No matter what it is called, every town but Southern Shores along the northern Outer Banks has committed funds to moving forward on a coordinated project with Dare County. The shocker in this, though, may be that Southern Shores is proactively putting language into place that would allow them to access the beach if they had to begin a nourishment project. Currently they are the only town with a stable beach.

The skyline of Manteo is about to change--or perhaps, revert. In 1933 a hurricane damaged the belfry tower that perched on top of the old Dare County Courthouse. Working with the Manteo Preservation Trust, the Dare County Arts Council, who currently occupies the building will replace the tower.

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