Seafood Festival a Celebration of Outer Banks History and Culture

The Outer Banks Seafood Festival was a fun day celebrating the history and culture of Outer Banks fishermen.
The Outer Banks Seafood Festival was a fun day celebrating the history and culture of Outer Banks fishermen.
Great Food & a Great Time at the Outer Banks Seafood Festival

Now that the 2018 Outer Banks Seafood Festival is history we can safely say that it was a blast. There was a little bit of rain but nothing an umbrella or rain jacket couldn’t handle, and the rain was on again, off again, making it easier for festival goers.

There was so much to see and do at the Festival that it’s a bit hard to even know what to talk about.

The food, of course…that has to take center stage. Fresh North Carolina seafood prepared by some of the best of the Outer Banks restaurants—that’s a reason to go right there.

We probably didn’t even have a favorite, although the Shrimp and Corn Chowder from Dirty Dick’s got high marks for flavor and lots of shrimp.

The Festival was also a day filled with music, starting almost as soon as the gates opened at 10:30. Headlined by The Main Event Band out of Greenville, the sound was great dance music and a lot of people were up and moving.

The kids especially were dancing. Evidently the same music that had people moving in the 1970s and 1980s still works its magic on the preteen set. It was wonderful to see parents and their children dancing to the music.

The Seafood Festival is a wonderful celebration of the culture and history of the Outer Banks. Visitors are such an important part of the local economy that it be easy to forget or overlook the role commercial fishing has played in local life.

But the before there bridges connecting these strips of sand to the rest of the world, fishermen were working the sounds and waters of the ocean, and the local fishermen remain an important part of our community.

Next up on the festival calendar is BrewTag next Saturday, October 27 at the Nags Head Event Site. Proving somewhat conclusively that beer can fly, BrewTag is a fun and funny festival celebrating flight.

Fall is a great time to visit the Outer Banks. Check out Joe Lamb, Jr. & Associates for the best listings.