Posted on 1/26/2014

36th Annual Frank Stick Art Show

If there is a highlight to the Outer Banks winter social scene, itâåÛåªs the Frank Stick Memorial Art Show held at Glenn EureâåÛåªs Ghost Fleet Gallery in Nags Head. Running from the last weekend in January through February, itâåÛåªs been a yearly event for the past 36 years and the whole time itâåÛåªs been an active collaboration between the Dare County Arts Council and Glenn and his wife Pat.

The kick off to it is the opening night reception that seems to bring out a good portion of the Outer Banks. There were a surprising number of young artists in the show this year, and it was clear they were thrilled to be judged into the show.

What really makes it though is how informal and informative the night is. The artists are right there with the rest of us, talking about their work and talking about what they like about the other works theyâåÛåªre seeing. ThatâåÛåªs sort of a revelation. In talking to the artists about other work, there is a clear feeling that they are processing what they are seeing and thinking about how they can incorporate it into a future work.

An amazing night, a great time and a real tribute to Glenn Eure who turns his gallery over to the community to make the show a success.

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