Posted on 5/13/2014

A Meal to Remember at OBBS

As a general rule we try to steer away from restaurant reviews or saying anything too specific about what restaurant is doing what. ItâåÛåªs probably a pretty safe way to go, since everyoneâåÛåªs taste buds tend to be very different.

However, throwing caution to the wind, a dinner at the Outer Banks Brewing Station this past Sunday was so good, it deserves special mention.

This is not a full review, because then there would have to be a detailed description of the merging of flavors in the sauces, and how it all came together perfectly. Suffice to say, it all did come together in sublime fashion. There was a grilled wahoo that could not have been better preparedâåÛåÓthe 16-year-old who had never had wahoo before, almost claimed it for her own. The salmon came with a marinade that could have been the meal, except it perfectly went with the salmon.

And then there was dessert. Hard to say what was better, the three pumpkin doughnuts with different treatments on each or the mocha creme boule.

Oh . . . and the beer, of course, was wonderful.

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