Posted on 12/28/2019

A Springlike December Day on the Outer Banks

Waiting for a wave as pelicans soar overhead.
Waiting for a wave as pelicans soar overhead.

We seem to be in an almost springlike weather pattern right now on the Outer Banks. Hard to imagine that Christmas just happened and the New Year is almost here.

The high today topped out around 60. The winds were so light they were barely noticed and the sea had a beautiful sheen to it. The waves were breaking in smooth predictable patterns.

Surfers were running a critical eye over conditions. The waves weren't really all that big, but but for someone with a longboard or paddle board, there was something to ride.

There was a small pod of dolphin just beyond the break this morning at Kitty Hawk. It was a little bit surprising to see them in December. Although the local dolphin population doesn't migrate for thousands of miles as many other ocean mammals do, they do head for warmer waters as winter sets in

There was a SUP on the water this morning. He was doing pretty well with the waves. Using his paddle as a rudder, he was able to get a couple of good long rides from some waves that surfers might have passed on.

There were a few families and a couple of dogs enjoying the beach, but for the most part there wasn't much to disturb anyone seeking some time to relax and enjoy nature.

The weather will change. It always does, although for the next few days the Outer Banks forecast calls for very mild December days.

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