Posted on 1/29/2014

An Outer Banks Treat from Mother Nature

Hard to think of the Outer Banks as a vacation paradise when thereâåÛåªs 8âåÛå of snow on the ground, but really, good weather will be here with the summer and this will all be a winter memory.

In the meantime, wow (!) is it beautiful . . . the snow creates a way to see the Outer Banks that is rare and wonderful. Of course it comes with its share of headaches as well.

ItâåÛåªs doubtful if there is a snowplow anywhere in Dare or Currituck Counties which does create a problem clearing the roads. Since the storm started with sleet and freezing rain, thereâåÛåªs a good slick base to the roads right now. The Bypass is slowly clearing and the Beach Road, neighboring the salt spray of the ocean, has some bare spots. Other than that, 10-15 mph seems about right on all the roads--if there is even a reason to go out.

The kids are out of school again tomorrow, and theyâåÛåªre starting to get a little concerned about all the makeup days they will be facing. Two days have been tacked on in June already and pretty soon they're going to go to Saturday makeup days--to the dismay of students, teachers and parents.

But thatâåÛåªs just carping in the face of a rare treat from Mother Nature.

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