Art and Coffee on the Outer Banks

Meg Rubino is a small woman but a powerhouse of an artist. She has a unique style but within her style she keeps working with different materials and different perspectives so her paintings always seems fresh and each work a little different.

SheâåÛåªs been getting some good press lately–well deserved–and more and more folks are taking note of what she is doing. The latest accolades come courtesy of Necla Rader, who just opened Outer Banks Juice and Java in the Dunes Shops in Kitty Hawk.

NeclaâåÛåªs plan is to feature a different Outer Banks artist every month, and Meg got to kick things off in June.

A great turn out, really nice music from Matt Hoggard and Gary Rader (yes, that is NeclaâåÛåªs husband), amazing food from Seaside Gourmet and fantastic art.

The Dunes Shops are almost on the at MP5 on the Bypass on the ocean side of the road. If you get a chance, stop in and check out MeganâåÛåªs artwork, and get a great cup of cappuccino.