Posted on 1/11/2015

Art Show Brings Out Outer Banks Community

The paintings of Jeeica Pace-Berkely at Glenn Eure's Ghost Fleet Gallery in Nags Head.

One of the great parts to living on the Outer Banks is the sense of community that seems to be so much a part of everyday life. Every place has their traditions and gathering times and to be sure, we're no different as far as that goes.

But there is something wonderful and comforting about going to an art show and falling into conversation with friends and acquaintances that seem to show up at the same time and same place.

The Outer Banks tradition is one strongly supporting the arts and that was on full display at the opening reception for artist Jessica Pace-Berkeley at Glenn Eure's Ghost Fleet Gallery in Nags Head. Sponsored by the Don and Catharine Bryan Cultural Series, the paintings were striking in their size and execution.

Typical of many places the Outer Banks has a number of traditions that mark us as unique as a community. Certainly the summer with all the visitors that come from every state and many countries is an important part of our culture; yet in the winter another aspect of our community comes to the fore-a place that is generous of spirit, creative and loves a reason to get out and enjoy the company of friends.

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