Posted on 2/20/2019

Ashley's Espresso Parlour Now Open in KDH

Ashley's Espresso Parlour, a comfortable, welcoming coffee shop with serving excellent coffee.

There's a new coffee shop on the Outer Banks and it's worth checking out. 

Ashley's Espresso Parlour is something special.

It's on the ocean side of the intersection of Helga Street and the Bypass in Kill Devil Hills, although it's so close to Kitty Hawk that some people might say it's there.

Ashley of Ashley's Espresso Parlour is Ashley Barnes, the coffee roaster at Morning View Coffee in Nags Head for quite a number of years.

What she and her husband have created is a wonderfully relaxed, open feeling cafe that serves nothing but the finest freshly roasted coffees.

We've sampled some of what they have to offer and we are impressed.

The cappuccinos come with an extra shot so they're full, rich and powerful. The coffee has a taste that can only happen when the coffee is fresh and the beans are ground to order and freshly roasted. 

Siphon Coffee-a different brew

Getting ready to brew a cup of siphon coffee.
Getting ready to brew a cup of siphon coffee.

Our favorite coffee drink though, is siphon coffee that, as it's brewing has all the makings of a science experiment. It takes some patience—the process is not the fastest way to brew coffee—and a fair amount of coffee, but the result is a strong but wonderfully balanced cup of coffee.

The coffee is clearly the draw, but even though Ashley's has only been open a few weeks, there are a couple of features that seem like they're going to be part of what makes it such a great place.

First of all—it is very family friendly. We're not sure if that's because the location has a number of families surrounding it, or it's the ambiance, but there always seems to be at least one child clutching a cup of hot chocolate.

Dogs are permitted, and they seem to get along very well.

The local artist Red Dawn, Dawn Gray Moraga, has quite a number of paintings on the walls. We're not sure if that's a permanent exhibit or if there will be other artists exhibiting over time.

There's a ukulele hanging on the wall that anyone can pick up and attempt to play.

All of it comes together to give a feeling of a great place for a cup of coffee and to just hang out.

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