Posted on 12/28/2013

Back to Outer Banks Normal

Things are getting back to normal here on the Outer Banks. We had a great day to be out in the surf--provided of course you had the right equipment. The waves were small but definitely rideable with a long, even and very predictable break.

Seems it wasnâåÛåªt only the humans that thought it was a good day to drift along the shoreline. The picture shows a pod of dolphins passing by a SUP surfer as he catches a wave in Kitty Hawk.

Would like to say every day is like that, but it does look like a front is coming through tomorrow. Too bad. Loved the weather today, the beach was filled with people walking their dogs, dads and kids fishing and, of course, surfers and dolphins.

Overall, itâåÛåªs been a wonderful holiday season. Great to see the stores and restaurants filled with people, even if itâåÛåªs a last shot before spring. Although nothing says the only time to visit the Outer Banks is spring summer or fall. WinterâåÛåªs a great time to kick back, relax and explore a side to the Outer Banks people often miss.

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