Posted on 7/11/2015

Beach Road in Kitty Hawk Under Construction

Looking north from the beach access at the Black Pelican on the Beach Road.

After a late season nor'easter wiped out a portion of the Beach Road (NC12) in Kitty Hawk in the beginning of May, it was just a matter of time before NCDOT came out to make permanent repairs.

The repair crews have arrived and it's very important that anyone who is traveling through Kitty Hawk know what's happening.

According to the press release from NCDOT, the repair area will extend from Lillian Street on the north to White Avenue to the south. For landmarks for drivers who know the area fairly well, that would be from just north of the Black Pelican Restaurant to south of John's Drive In.

NCDOT has indicated they will be finished by mid August.

The plan includes some road repairs, but mostly they will be shoring up the dune line to protect the road in the project area.

Although the press release indicated the road would be closed from Lillian to White Avenue, at this point only the north end of the project area is restricted, from the intersection of Kitty Hawk Road north to Lillian.

The Beach Road is often used as an alternative route to US 158, the Bypass in Kitty Hawk. Until construction is completed, it is recommended that the Beach Road not be used as an alternative.

NCDOT has indicated that access to businesses and residences will not be restricted.

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