Posted on 12/2/2019

Big Currishuck, Great Food, Great Music and a Great Good Time

All you can eat oysters, freshly steamed and tasty. One of the best parts of the Big Currishuck.
All you can eat oysters, freshly steamed and tasty. One of the best parts of the Big Currishuck.

If it's the Saturday after Thanksgiving it has got to be the Big Currishuck at Sanctuary Vineyards in Jarvisburg. It's just a little ways north of the Outer Banks. Close enough that we can still call it the Outer Banks.

This is the seventh or eighth version of the annual event and it always seems to keep getting better and better. Or maybe it's just that the latest one is so good that memory pushes the last one to the far reaches of our minds.

The Big Currishuck is all about fresh steamed oysers, all you can eat. And crab, all you can eat. And fantastic eastern North Carolina barbecue...all you can eat.

And music—we don't want to forget about the music. This year from Jonny Waters & Company and Trae Pierce & the T-Stones back for the fourth year in a row. They're a central Florida band with an amazing range of music all done in their own hiphop, jazzy kind of style.

Can't forget the four local microbrews that were on hand either. Nor the wines from Sanctuary Vineyards.

In short, it's a great event and the perfect way to wrap up Thanksgiving Weekend.

It has become such an event that people plan their visits around it. Really, there were a couple of visitors who mentioned that the Big Currishuck is right up there with Thanksgiving dinner as a highlight for the weekend.

The oysters are the main attraction and a big shout out to I Got Your Crabs down in Kitty Hawk for steaming up so many, and keeping everyone stocked. According to what we heard they were form Chesapeake Bay this year. Makes sense. Hurricane Dorian did a number on the local oyster farmers.

Also a shoutout to John Wright of Sanctuary Vineyards for putting it all together. Can't wait for next year.

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