Posted on 8/5/2015

Brewpubs of the Outer Banks

Full Moon Cafe in downtown Manteo.

It's been a couple of hot and muggy days on the Outer Banks, about what is expected in the summer in North Carolina. Nonetheless, there is a question lingering out there-how to cool off when the temperature and humidity are both sitting at 90.

The beach, of course beckons, but for adults, there's also beer. Luckily for Outer Banks visitors, and residents, there are three local brewpubs that are turning out some very tasty suds.

Outer Banks Brewing Station, Kill Devil Hills

Probably the best known of the local brewpubs, the Brewing Station is under the wind turbine on the Bypass. They change their brews seasonally, but for a summer sipper their Lemon Wheatgrass is wonderful-great balance of flavors, light on the palate, just a very drinkable beer on a hot day.

Weeping Radish, Jarvisburg

OK, Jarvisburg is not really the Outer Banks-it's where the original Cotton Gin is located-but Uli Benniwitz gets a pass because he started in Manteo and Jarvisburg isn't all that far from the Wright Memorial Bridge anyway.

The Weeping Radish was the first-first brew pub on the Outer Banks and first in the state of North Carolina. The Corolla Gold is a personal favorite-easy drinking with a slightly sweet finish.

Full Moon Cafe, Manteo

The most recent entry into the Outer Banks brewpub family, Paul Charron's English style beers tend to have a little more body and hops then the other local brews. Nonetheless his Baltimore Blonde is wonderful beer on steamy summer day. Making it even nicer, the outdoor seating at the Full Moon is perfect for relaxing with a good brew, a friend and dinner.

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