Posted on 10/24/2019

BrewTag Wraps Up Two Weeks of Amazing Outer Banks Festivals

BrewTag 2019

The flying kegs of BrewTag this coming Saturday seem like the perfect end to a week great food and wonderful music. Be sure to check it out this Saturday at the Event Site in Nags Head.

BrewTag, a production of the folks at Kitty Hawk Kites, attempts to prove conclusively that if humans can fly, why can't beer.

The logic may be a bit convoluted but the logic is completely unsound. Because the fact is, kegs of beer do not fly very well. Especially when strapped to a handmade glider created by artisans with dubious engineering skills.

But it's a lot of fun and worth checking out for a.) the attempts at flight; b.) the food; and c.)  the beer since all the local microbrews will be on hand as well as a number of other breweries.

BrewTag comes at the end a an amazing week on the Outer Banks. Actually two weeks if we include the Duck Jazz Festival over Columbus Day Weekend. Burt for now we'll just focus on last weekend

At the Event Site the Outer Banks Seafood Festival was on Saturday. The festival is a wonderful celebration of the place in our community that working water men and women hold. The fresh seafood from local waters prepared by some great Outer Banks restaurants is fantastic, the music is great and it's just a fantastic event.

The same weekend, which caused a lot of dilemmas about where to go, Mustang Rock & Roast was happening in Corolla.

Rock & Roast combines food—the rock are steamed oysters and the roast is barbecue—with with some of the finest regional and national touring bands around.

This year's entertainment may have been the best ever. The Saturday headliner, Motet, and Sunday final act Turkuaz Band, were as good as it gets. Amazing music and a great show.

There is still a lot to do on the Outer Banks. Book you week to explore beach living with Joe Lamb, Jr. & Associates.

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