Posted on 10/1/2015

Bye Bye Joaquin

 Weather Underground Hurricane Joaquin track, 8 p.m. 10/1.Break out the champagne, Hurricane Joaquin is headed out to sea. We're still in for a wet and miserable couple of days here on the Outer Banks, but a wet and miserable couple of days with a hurricane to look forward to takes misery to an all new level.Joaquin has been one of the most confounding hurricanes to predict any of us here on the Outer Banks can remember. Living on a sandbar by the sea tends to focus your attention when a major storm brews in the Atlantic-and Joaquin is definitely a major stormOne of the skills that everyone seems to acquire is how to sift through the myriad layers of information to come up with some idea of what's really happening, but with Hurricane Joaquin the information was all over the place. There were storm tracks that had the hurricane making landfall anywhere from Myrtle Beach to Wilmington. At one point a couple of tracks brought the eye over what appeared to be Kitty Hawk . . . or maybe Duck.Even the official National Hurricane Center track was pretty scary, showing landfall on the Outer Banks as a category 2 storm.To their credit, though, in the discussions of their forecasts, the NHC stressed they had a low confidence in the long range forecast because of such divergent solutions. They also consistently pointed to the European model that took Hurricane Joaquin out to sea.The latest track seems closest to the European model and all of the projected tracks are moving to the east-a very good thing indeed for everyone, since that takes Hurricane Joaquin out to sea.
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