Posted on 1/22/2014

Cold, Cold, Cold on the Outer Banks

The lyrics to songs are dancing through my head right now, all of them having to do with extreme cold . . . âåÛåÏbaby itâåÛåªs cold outsideâåÛå . . . âåÛåÏcold, cold, cold, that woman is freezinâåÛåªâåÛå . . . âåÛåÏ your cold, cold heart.âåÛå Luckily there are more cold songs than there are cold days in the year--at least here on the Outer Banks.

Admittedly the 2âåÛå of snow we got was pretty exciting, especially for the kids because school was called off. WasnâåÛåªt really the snow that called it off; it was the ice on the roads that formed when the weather dipped 40 degrees in eight hours.

Snow on the Outer Banks is beautiful and rare--or maybe infrequent would be a better word. Truth to tell, weâåÛåªre not really ready for any snowfall over a dusting. It doesnâåÛåªt happen that often and it doesnâåÛåªt really make too much sense to park snow plows along the Beach Road.

But it is beautiful. Subtle shades of the browns of winter and splashes of evergreen trees are framed by the intense white of the new fallen snow. Even on the beach the dusting of white that survives gives the sand a different feel, an otherworldly sense of an eternal balance of nature.

ItâåÛåªll all be gone in a day or two. More snow is forecast for next week. A second measurable snowfall in one season on the Outer Banks . . . now that would be a rarity.

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