Posted on 11/28/2015

Curri-Shuck Currituck-An OBX Celebration

Beer, wine, and oysters and a perfect day at Sanctuary Vineyards.

Oysters, oysters and more oysters. And when you're tired of oysters, there's some really good northeastern North Carolina barbecue. Oh and wine, beer and great music from the Cody Austin Band. That's about as good a way to celebrate the Thanksgiving weekend as there is.

The Big Curri-Shuck is a huge thank you and festival sponsored by Sanctuary Vineyards and the Cotton Gin every year the Saturday after Thanksgiving. It's been growing and growing in popularity and this year, with perfect weather, it may have been the biggest yet.

An amazing celebration of local culture the theme is simple and straightforward.

Have I Got Your Crabs come in from their restaurant in Kitty Hawk and steam a lot-and we mean a lot-of oysters, dump them on a table and let the fun begin. And they were good. They also steamed some crab, but the focus was definitely on the oysters.

There was also some wonderful barbecue-classic northeastern NC served on a bun with cole slaw.

With Sanctuary Vineyards sponsoring the event, there was lots of wine to try-the Albarino especially seemed to pair well with the oysters. Local breweries were on hand as well.

The music seemed to make the day. Great country rock sound from the Cody Austin Band.

Made for a great day. . . on the schedule for next year already.

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