Posted on 8/31/2021

Eco-Tourism on the Outer Banks: Featuring Earth Friendly Activities

Welcome back to our blog series on Eco-Tourism here on the Outer Banks. In the last post, we learned about how you can help keep our beaches clean for others to enjoy trash-free. If you missed that article check it out here. We wanted to dig a little deeper into learning a little more about some eco-friendly activities that you can take advantage of too. Staying in one of our Outer Banks vacation rentals will allow you and your family to be able to enjoy some of these activities for free. Let's look at a few of the great places where you can sit back and explore the Outer Banks while taking in a few eco-friendly activities. 

Yoga on the Beach

A young woman wearing gym clothes doing yoga on the beach on a sunny day.

A great way to enjoy the clean beaches on the Outer Banks is to do yoga on the beach. If you are staying in an oceanfront vacation rental, then all you'll have to do is head out the door, walk onto the sand, and set up for some relaxing yoga and listen to the surf roll in. You can also enjoy your yoga session out on the deck or alongside the pool of your vacation home.  Whether you decide to do it first thing in the morning as the sun is rising or in the evening as the sun is setting, anytime is a perfect time. If you don't have a yoga mat with you on your vacation, then have no fear, as a beach towel will work in its place.

Visit a Nature Reserve

White heron standing in the grass, water, at a reserve

Another great way to explore and enjoy some eco-friendly activities on the Outer Banks is by visiting one of the many nature reserves we have. Keeping our beaches clean is a must that helps with our eco-tourism and keeping our nature reserves and parks clean. Here are a few of the nature reserves that you can visit here on the Outer Banks:

  • Kitty Hawk Woods Coastal Reserve - located in Kitty Hawk
  • Nags Head Woods Preserve - located in Kill Devil Hills
  • Run Hill State National Area Dedicated Nature Preserve - located in Kill Devil Hills
  • Alligator River Refuge - located in Manteo
  • Currituck Banks Reserve - located in Corolla
  • Coastal NC Refuges Gateway Visitor Center - located in Manteo
  • Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge - located in Rodanthe

While many other parks, nature reserves, and other fun activities are all eco-friendly here on the Outer Banks, we wanted to mention these. If you are still looking to find a great place to vacation while on the OBX, check out our many available rentals from oceanfront to soundside, we have you covered.  We hope that you love this blog series as much as we are.


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