Posted on 7/25/2013

Family Time on the Outer Banks

 The Outer Banks is a great place to live, but here's a little piece of information that everyone who lives and works here knows: we don't really get much of a chance to do all those things tourists do. Especially in the summer . . . because honestly, we're all working to hard to make sure our visitors are having a great time.So this afternoon when I realized that the stars had aligned for my daughter and me to have four hours to play visitor from another land, I didn't hesitate. Put the notepad down at work, picked her up from Driver's Ed at school, made sure to get the BFF and headed up to Duck.The weather wasn't all that great, but what a wonderful reminder of how much fun it is to be on the Outer Banks. We started at Scarborough Lanes Shoppes. Stopped in Outer Banks Popcorn . . . a couple of samples later we walked out with bags of Italian seasoned popcorn that I know BFF and Daughter are munching on as they watch some movie for the umpteenth time. Strolled over to the Sweet Duck and had some gelato and got serious about shopping at Clothes Out 2. Well, BFF and Daughter got serious about shopping . . . Dad just stood around with a glazed look.Walked over to Scarborough Faire and picked up a few more knickknacks at Ocean Annie's and Island Attic and headed home.All in all, a great day, and a great reminder that sometimes it is the quality of the time not the quantity that you spend with the ones you love.
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