Posted on 10/18/2015

Fun & Food at the OBX Seafood Fest

Lining up for food at the Outer Banks Seafood Festival.

Here's the snapshot of the Annual Outer Banks Seafood Festival-great food, amazing weather, big crowd, wonderful music, a truly good time.

Facing confusing regulations, price pressures and rising costs, it is remarkable that Outer Banks fishermen are still landing seafood at local ports. And that seafood is some of the best in the nation if not the world.

That's not hyperbole-anyone who was at the Seafood Fest at the Event Site in Nags Head on Saturday would say that's the case. With 15 local restaurants serving up shrimp tortellini, wahoo salad and fish and chips-all made with fresh local seafood, there could be no doubt that the Outer Banks is the place to come for the offerings of the sea.

The day-which offered in addition to incredible food, amazing weather-is more than a chance to eat to excess on some great food; there are also cooking demonstrations, live music, and a local artists and vendors area. And local wine and local beer to go with the seafood.

As celebrations of local heritage go, this was about as good as it gets. Organizers were hoping for somewhere around 7500 festival-goers and with crowds streaming in all day, it looks as though they made it.

This is the type of event that needs to go on a yearly calendar of excuses to visit the Outer Banks. Start planning your excuse today.

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