Posted on 8/26/2015

Ghosts Tell the Story of the Lost Colony

The mystery of the disappearance of the Lost Colony is but one of the many solved stories of the Outer Banks.

Roanoke is an ancient island, filled with the mystery of those who walked before us. The temporal bodies of Chief Wanchese, Chief Manteo, Virginia Dare and Captain White may have long departed, but their spirits live on, floating between the material world we occupy and the spectral existence of their afterlife.

Guided by Trevor Janzen, Founder of Astral Plane Investigations, the brave and adventurous will have the chance to explore the history of early America, encountering the spirits who once walked the forests, glens and paths of the first English attempt to colonize the New World.

A different way to experience history, the Lost Colony is offering their Ghosts of the Lost Colony Tour for a limited time only. Now through September 6. Two hauntings . . . make that tours . . . nightly at 7:30 and 8:30.

Is this a new Lost Colony tradition? Only time and the living can tell.

Joe Lamb Jr., & Associates. is a proud sponsor of the Lost Colony.

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