Posted on 1/12/2014

Great Art on the Outer Banks

ItâåÛåªs nice to be reminded every once in a while why the Outer Banks is such an amazing place to live. We just had one of those reminders today.

Every January for the past 20 years in Nags Head, Glenn Eure, of Glenn EureâåÛåªs Ghost Fleet Gallery fame, has turned his gallery over to the art departments of all the Outer Banks schools for exhibit of K-12 art.

It is an amazing spectacle and one that has to be experienced to be truly understood; parents--especially of the younger set--are so proud and the kids canâåÛåªt stop talking about the pictures. What is perhaps most astonishing is the variety, creativity and quality of what is on display.

Some of the work from the elementary school kids is surprising, but some of the secondary school kids are turning out truly professional quality art. And itâåÛåªs not just paintings--there was an amazing scrapbook of artistic renderings that used so many different media is so many different ways, that it seemed to be a mini gallery. There were shadow boxes and three dimensional depictions utilizing an extraordinary range of materials.

An amazing day and a great reminder of what happens when you put great kids with great teachers.

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