Posted on 1/18/2015

Great Outer Banks Weekend

A great weekend on the Outer Banks with the Wedding Expo on Saturday and Sunday and then late afternoon after the front passed through the seas smoothed out and the break was even. It wasn't the greatest surf conditions ever, but the waves were rideable and easy to get to.

Which creates a dilemma-what to write about.

It's got to be the Wedding Expo-they'll be other times to write about surf conditions, but the Wedding Expo is a once a year event.

Sponsored by the Outer Banks Wedding Association, the 2015 version had a real wow! factor. In talking to the folks from OBWA it seems as though this was the best attended to date and the vendors had a really good idea of how they wanted to work with the brides and grooms. Perhaps most importantly, there was a palpable sense that families were feeling more confident in the economy and were more likely to commit to wedding services.

The Outer Banks has become one of the most favored destination wedding sites in the United States-and the reasons for that were on full display at the Expo. For couples planning on coming here to get married, call us here at Joe Lamb Jr., & Associates & Associates at 800-552-6257 or online-we have homes that are perfect for your family and guests

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