Posted on 4/10/2017

Greg Hahn Starts Lost Colony Season with Laughter

Greg Hahn performing at the Sound Stage at The Lost Colony. Greg Hahn performing at the Sound Stage at The Lost Colony.

Greg Hahn is a funny, funny man.

Taking the stage at the 4th Annual Comedy Tonight fundraiser for The Lost Colony, Hahn started off telling the sold out audience that when he asked his agent how to jump start his career, he was told, "You're going to Manteo on the Outer Banks."

Greg Hahn-The Act

The words of his act are funny...very funny. But what really sets Hahn apart is his energy. He never stops moving.

His hands wave in the air, he marches across the stage, changing his gait to match a joke, his shoulders slump, his facial expression changes. And all the time, it's one joke after another after another.

His self-described style? "I go with pure panic."

His jokes are rapid fire, one right after the other. It's a lot like the classic line about the weather, "If you don't like the weather now, wait five minutes." Except in this case it's wait five seconds because that's how fast the jokes are coming.

But in that pure panic of his act, among the jokes fired out like rounds from a machine gun, themes emerge.

He takes on the obsession on fitness many people have.

"What kind of a man takes yoga?" he wonders. "Hey. Back off or I'll stretch."

A minute later he's talking about his personal workout regimen.

"I do four hours on the treadmill. Just don't turn it on. It's easier on the knees."

He also tells stories. His website, mentions that he was a captain in the Marines and that becomes a tale of its own.

It seems the same week he got out of boot camp his sister was getting married and he was asked to seat the guests. "Fired up" after basic training "I accepted this challenge."

The result was  200 people being told that "I am not your friend" and all 200 sitting in the same row."

Great stuff, lots of laughs and a good way to begin the season. Opening night for The Lost Colony isMay 21 with performances through August 19.

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