Posted on 7/15/2013

Jockey's Ridge State Park

I had a chance to fly a couple of kites on JockeyâåÛåªs Ridge the other day. Had a great time, the kites flew beautifully--they were stunt kites--and it really reminded me just what an amazing gem JockeyâåÛåªs Ridge State Park is.

Once the largest of a series of sand dunes that marked the Outer Banks, it sits there, right across from Kitty Hawk Kites in Nags Head, this gigantic sand dune . . . actually a series of sand dunes dominated by JockeyâåÛåªs Ridge, which tends to be 80-100âåÛåª depending on wind and weather.

There is probably no place anywhere that has such great conditions for flying a kite, from the smallest kites the kids and their parents put in the air, to the hang gliders--which are just huge kites with the weight of the pilot used for control. A little expensive by a lot of fun. If you get a chance try it.

Even though it looks like a desert like environment, the park is actually a fairly complex eco system. ThereâåÛåªs a small maritime forest by the visitorâåÛåªs center and scrub pines and grasses grow in areas protected by the dunes.

A fascinating place. Definitely worth a trip. If the timing is right, sunset from the top of JockeyâåÛåªs Ridge is a moment in time that will never be forgotten.

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