Posted on 12/31/2013

Joe Lamb 2014 Wish List

Here it is the end of the year and everywhere you look someone is creating predictions about 2014 a valid exercise as far as it goes but you do have to wonder if the predictions are based on hope or fact. So maybe a different tact is needed--maybe instead of predictions we create a wish list . . . a 2014 Outer Banks Wish List.

Wish #1: Sure would be nice if the the court case stopping construction for the replacement span for the Bonner Bridge was resolved and construction could begin. For people who donâåÛåªt live on the Outer Banks, itâåÛåªs probably difficult to understand how personal the frustration feels that this has dragged on so long. The need for the replacement is real, the alternatives have been examined and no one can afford the alternative. It would be good to move forward on this.

Wish #2: The Outer Banks will have a better year this year than last year. This is a pretty safe wish. WeâåÛåªve been in a pretty steady incremental increase in occupancy for the past five years, and thereâåÛåªs nothing to indicate 2014 wonâåÛåªt continue that trend. Unless Congress manages to shut the government down again. There was a small but noticeable downturn in the local economy when that happened in October. Hopefully smarter and cooler heads will prevail.

Wish #3: The Mid Currituck Bridge will get back on track. OK--this is purely wishful thinking, since the NC Legislature seems singularly disinclined to fund any part of the project. Truly unfortunate--it was almost to the point of letting the contract. Maybe the way to get this through is to have one of the stateâåÛåªs legislative leaders sit in traffic in Jarvisburg for two or three hours on a Saturday.

ThatâåÛåªs it . . . three wishes, any more and it becomes greed. Although we would add that from all of us here at Joe Lamb & Associates we wish our readers the very best for 2014--may your lives be filled with love and joy.

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