Posted on 10/1/2017

Lost Colony Wine & Culinary Weekend a Big Hit

Tasting wines at the Lost Colony Wine and Culinary Festival. Tasting wines at the Lost Colony Wine and Culinary Festival.

Sometimes everything seems to come together to create an ideal event or happening. That seemed to be the case today, Saturday, for what we hope is the first of many Lost Colony Wine and Culinary Festivals.

Great Condition for Lost Colony Festival

The weather—perfect, bright sunshine with temperatures in the low 70s and a nice breeze off Croatan Sound.

The setting—sublime. Waterside Theater where performances of The Lost Colony are presented sits right on the Sound. Locals and visitors alike are often aware of the theater, but not many have had an opportunity to see how beautiful the backstage area is.

The wine—excellent with a remarkable range of styles on hand. The event was actually sponsored in part by Virginia Dare Winery, a part of the Francis Ford Coppola family of wines.

Coppola Winery sent out a representative from California to tell the story of their wines—and their wines are very good. Hard to pick out a favorite, but the White Doe would be an ideal summer sipper. Definitely on the dry side, it was crisp, citrusy flavor with a floral finish. At least that's how one taster described it.

The Coppola wines were not the only ones on hand. They were just one of many, with wine from North Carolina, the West Coast and the rest of the world being offered.

There were also local beers available from Weeping Radish, the Outer Banks Brewing Station and Lost Colony Beer. one was going home hungry with eight local restaurants handing out samples. Again, tough to name a favorite, but the pulled pork sandwich from Black Pelican was awfully good.

According to Lost Colony management, Coppola Winery has committed to another year supporting the Wine and Culinary Weekend, so we can expect at least one more year of great food, wonderful local beer and excellent wine.

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