Posted on 10/8/2018

Mustang Rock & Roast Festival Next OBX Music Festival

Big Something will bring their unique fusion sound to the Mustang Rock & Roast stage on Saturday evening. Big Something will bring their unique fusion sound to the Mustang Rock & Roast stage on Saturday evening.
And the music and festivals just keep on coming

We just wrapped up two great Outer Banks music festivals this week—the Outer Banks Bluegrass Festival that ran Wednesday through Saturday and the Duck Jazz Festival that was on Saturday and Sunday.

These were fantastic shows with some great headliners. Steel Drivers were amazing, wrapping up the Bluegrass Festival and the Russell Malone Quartet headlining at Duck was the perfect way to wrap up the week.

Next up is Mustang Rock & Roast in Corolla—combining the best of two worlds next Saturday and Sunday.

It's a Mike Dianna/Bearded Face Production. For anyone who has had a chance to go to one of the Mustang Music Festivals there is the sure knowledge that there will always be music happening.

Mike's Festivals use two stages so when one band finishes up the next one is ready to go.

It's a full day of music both days with two great headliners capping a mere of great local and regional bands.

On Saturday Big Something wraps the day up with their great fusion sound. They're a little bit funk, a bit of hiphop, some jazz thrown in with a touch of the blues. In other words their not easily classified, but they sound great.

Sunday the show goes out with sounds of Pink Talking Fish—a tribute band like no other. And here's the kicker...the music they're playing comes from Talking Heads, Pink  Floyd and Phish. An eclectic and somewhat varied sound, but they pull it off.

What makes the Mustang Rock & Roast different though, is the Saturday oyster roast and the Sunday barbecue showdown. What could be better?

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