Nesting Sea Turtles on the Outer Banks

One of the neatest things about living on the Outer Banks are the sea turtles that come to our beaches in the late spring and early summer to lay eggs. It is a rare and wonderful event when any one of us has a chance to witness a female loggerhead digging a den and depositing 30 or 40 eggs.

Here on the Outer Banks a local organization, N.E.S.T. (Network for Endangered Sea Turtles) had done an amazing job of watching out for the various species of turtles that use our beach as a nesting site.

Our broker–in–charge, Tim Moore, is a volunteer with N.E.S.T., and he was able to capture the amazing video of a female loggerhead nesting. Click on the image and go to YouTube.

The folks at N.E.S.T. have put together a great to do list for anyone who has a chance to see a turtle nesting. The two most important things to remember-do not shine lights on the turtles at night. It confuses them and can have dire consequences. Then contact the N.E.S.T. Hotline at 252-441-8622.