Posted on 12/20/2014

OBX Alternative Routes for Summer Drivers

Malcolm Fearing, NCDOT Division 1 Transportation Board Representative speaking at Jarvisburg Meeting.

One thing was obvious after a meeting earlier this week sponsored by NCDOT to discuss what could be done to alleviate summertime traffic coming to the Outer Banks-not a lot. At least not in the short to mid term.

The Mid Currituck Bridge is back in the planning docket, and that is probably the best hope, but current projections put the completion date 10 years in the future.

So, what to do about the traffic while we're waiting for the MCB to be completed was the subject of a meeting held at the Jarvisburg Elementary School-a few miles north of the Wright Memorial Bridge-last Monday night.

One suggestion that came out of the meeting that some of our Joe Lamb guests coming from the north may wish to think about is looping around the Outer Banks and coming in through Manteo. We'll call it touring the Inner Banks to get to the Outer Banks.

Yes, it will add 40 or 45 miles to the trip, and in the spring, fall or winter it doesn't make sense-although there are a number of pretty little towns along the way. But on a summer weekend when traffic sometimes backs up to Jarvisburg . . . it's worth considering. Our keyless entry guests especially may wish to consider this option.

One suggestion that was made, and Jerry Jennings from NCDOT noted it was already under consideration-adding southbound lanes on US 158 at the intersection with NC12 by the Aycock Brown Visitor's Center in Kitty Hawk. That would allow southbound traffic to move more quickly and help to alleviate some of the congestion backing up onto the Wright Memorial Bridge.

Since we're talking about summertime and our rental, this seems like a good time to mention that the earlier a reservation is made, the more likely we can match you with the perfect house.

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