Posted on 4/12/2015

Outer Banks Beach Day

There is something special about walking out on an Outer Banks beach and seeing a family gathered together. Yes, it's still a little chilly with temperatures in the 60s and the water is certainly too cold for swimming, but the sand was warm and the sun was out today.

It's Easter break on the Outer Banks-our kids are out of school and a lot of sons and daughters are home from college. Local businesses are starting to think about summer hiring, and there are a lot of summer jobs to be had.

We'll be publishing our Joe Lamb Jr., & Associates list of best Outer Banks summer jobs soon, but what we may think is a great summer job may not be the same for everyone. When we think of what our favorite jobs were, they were always the ones that were the most fun, but for a college student looking to earn a lot of money, it may be that 10 hours a day in a bar or restaurant is a better route to go.

Today, though, is such a nice day, that it's the kind of day that reminds us of just how special the Outer Banks can be. So just sit back and enjoy.

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