Posted on 9/21/2013

Outer Banks ESA Easterns Surfing Championships

The ESA Easterns Surfing Championships wrapped up today in what can only be described as a perfect Outer Banks day. Mid 80s, light breeze and for the surfers a nice event break in the surf just south of JennetteâåÛåªs Pier in Nags Head where the annual event is held.

ESA stands for Eastern Surfing Association and it is one of the largest amateur surfing groups around. The Easterns brought regional champs from as far away as Florida and New York and featured surfers from just about 9-90. OK--90 might be a bit of an exaggeration but the 9 may not be.

The week started a bit slowly with almost no surf on Monday and a howling wind and unsurfable conditions on Tuesday. But then things calmed down a bit and became more Outer Banks--the wave smoothed out, the wind slowed down enough to stop chopping the waves and the competition heated up.

The kids and longboarders wrapped things up today and there were some amazing performances from some of the girls and boys.

The setting with JennetteâåÛåªs Pier as a backdrop was about as beautiful as it gets and looking over to the pier there must have been a hundred people dangling a line in the water hoping to catch a little luck.

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