Outer Banks Halloween

The Outer Banks is a lot like any other place when it comes to Halloween, which makes it both special and comforting. Lots of little ghosts, goblins, superheroes and princesses. ThereâåÛåªs an occasional costume that no one is quite sure just what it is and of course witches and one or two pumpkin heads.

It is childhood and innocence at its most wonderful and glorious best.

ThereâåÛåªs the one neighborhood that just goes bananas over the whole thing–on the Outer Banks that is First Street in Kill Devil Hills just a little bit north of the Wright Brothers Monument. Every house for blocks around it seems, is completely decked out in spooky lights, with weird noises and way too much candy.

As the kids get older they head for other ways to celebrate–the youth group that has a costume party or the local church where teenagers and adults dress up and hand out goodies to the kids.

It is a wonderful slice of Americana and a joyful reminder of the power of youthful imagination.