Posted on 2/24/2014

Outer Banks Model UN Club Travels to Norfolk

Very few things in life are as gratifying as seeing 1200 high school kids gathered together of the sole purpose of using their brains. That happened this weekend in Norfolk when the First Flight High School Model UN Club traveled north to take place in the Model UN Conference at the Norfolk Sheraton.

ItâåÛåªs a real tribute to how engaged and caring the local kids are that in the second year of existence, the club brought one of the largest contingents to the conference--so large that the school represented three countries, Togo, UAE and Belarus, sat on the Security Council representing Togo, had two roving reporters and a student in a historic reenactment of the Russo-Japanese war of 1906.

Going to the conference is a surefire cure for anyone who thinks kids are lazy or uninformed or donâåÛåªt wish to be challenged. This was a high energy meeting of the minds; a three day realtime course in human and international relations.

Challenged with real life scenarios that could easily have been part of a day in the life of the UN, these kids--and not just the FFHS students--repeatedly rose to the occasion.

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