Posted on 1/24/2015

Outer Banks Nor'easter Here and Gone

Timing, so the saying goes, is everything, and for the nor'easter that just exited the Outer Banks, the timing was just about perfect-the peak of the storm came through last night at about the same time as low tide and the moon phase is waxing crescent, just past the new moon.

The result is no overwash, no flooding-at least that we could see-and no disruption of life.

Of course it also helps that as nor'easters go this one had the courtesy to move out of here quickly. It was windy but nothing like some of the classic nor'easters we've had in the past where the wind howls at 30 mph with stronger gusts for two or three days. Those tend to make everyday life a little more challenging but for anyone living on the Outer Banks, it's a small price to pay of the privilege of living so close to the forces of nature.

We just came off three beautiful days that were almost a summer tease, and then a nor'easter clipper, if there is such a thing. It is a reminder, perhaps, that there is a balance in all things and that if winter is a time of ocean winds and gray skies the spring, summer and autumn on the Outer Banks are the counter point.

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