Posted on 9/12/2013

Outer Banks Schools-Among the Best

 I came across some stories that placed Dare County schools among the elite of the country--really, I kid you not. Depending on which survey you're looking at both First Flight High School in Kill Devil Hills and Manteo High in Manteo are consistently ranked in the top 5-6% nationally.Manteo tends to get mentioned more often because they have a larger minority population, and a lot of services use that as part of their criteria, but no matter how you look at it, these two schools are a lot about what we're doing right for our kids.Of course the rankings are all about numbers and they don't tell the personal stories. For that you need to go to a school function--which took me to the FFHS Fine Art's Booster night yesterday evening. Amazing that a jazz band after just two weeks of school could perform at the level these kids did or the advanced choir could nail two songs in three part harmony and do it all acapella. And then there was the audition monologues for “Alice in Wonderland” which the kids will perform November 14-16. Maiah Tabb was perfect as the lead, Uriah Evans angry Mad Hatter was extraordinary, but the show was stolen by Rachel Zuhars audition for the part of the Mock Turtle--a comic highlight rarely seen anywhere, let alone in high school.
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