Posted on 10/21/2013

Outer Banks Seafood Fest

Some things just keep getting better and better, although after just two years, it is a bit difficult to predict just how big and good the Outer Banks Seafood Festival will become. There is no doubt though, that the festival has become the biggest single autumn draw on the Outer Banks.

ItâåÛåªs all centered around a simple concept--Outer Banks fishermen are the best there are and North Carolina seafood canâåÛåªt be beat. Especially when prepared by Outer Banks chefs.

Taking place at the Outer Banks Visitors Bureau Event Site in Nags Head, the festival is part crafts fare, a celebration of community and a day of music . . . and great food.

Saturday morning started with a hard rain and since itâåÛåªs an outdoor event--under the tents outdoor--there were some concerns about how the day would go.

Then, just about a half hour before the gates opened, the rain stopped, the clouds started breaking up and it was a great day on the shore of the Roanoke Sound.

Last year the festival brought 8,000-10,000 to the site. Estimates seem to indicate a better turn out this year, but things were better organized (no long lines for food for one thing), and things seemed to flow more smoothly than last year.

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