Posted on 8/14/2013

Outer Banks Tribute to Patsy Cline

Sometimes you kick yourself because you know you should get around to doing something and then when you finally do, you know should have done it earlier. Which perfectly describes Laura Martier in Portrait of Patsy Cline at the Outer Banks Jubilee in Kitty Hawk. Tonight was the last performance of the season, and honestly, if I had seen it earlier, I probably would have gone back one or two more times.

Laura is a remarkably gifted vocalist and although people who know her are more familiar with her as a jazz singer, the power of her voice and her range really lets her take on the music of Patsy Cline and make if feel real.

As good as Laura is, her back up band, the Tumbling Tumble Weeds, are just as good. Not a note missed and two of the musicians in particular are much better known for other kinds of music. Joe Mapp on guitar is an amazing jazz guitarist and LauraâåÛåªs husband, Dan--who is also the musical director--is a rock and jazz drummer who tours nationally with Tim Reynolds and TR3.

Hard to point to a high point of the show, but the second set of the first act really came through for me. A slight shift from strictly country to country swing that seemed to suit LauraâåÛåªs voice and the bandâåÛåªs mood a little better.

If YouâåÛåªve Got LeavinâåÛåª on Your Mind and Lovesick Blues in particular really stood out.

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